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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

Creation of cantata An Aval hag ar C'haliz at Breizh a Gan 2018

The cantata An Aval hag ar C'haliz (The Apple and the chalice) based on lyrics by Patrick Corlay will be created during Breizh a Gan of Quintin, on december 2nd. 
Poster Breizh a Gan 2018

This substantial work will be sung by about 100 singers from the Choir of Brittany, directed by Jean-Marie Airault, accompanied by Bruno Toulemonde (guitar), Denis Guillou (accordion), Guy Pouliquen (bag-pipes), Gwenaël Riou (organ), Jo Van Bouwel (harp), Loïc Padellec (bag-pipes), Ronan Pouliquen (pipe).  

During the first part of the concert, there will be the choirs : Kanomp ar Vro Sant Brieg, from Saint-Brieuc, Kanerien ar Goëlo from Saint-Quay Portrieux, and the choir Champion of Brittany 2018, Mouezh Paotred Breizh.

Book your places already for this amazing concert, begining a 3pm, on sunday december 2nd in basilica Our Lady of Quintin. 
Book your place for 12€ with Kanomp Breizh or by it in the Tourist Office of Quintin and St Brieuc, and on the Internet : Fnac, Carrefour, Géant, Système U, Intermarché –– 0 892 68 36 22 (0.40 € TTC / min)

14€ the day of the concert, free - 12 years old.
Informations, booking : 06 31 81 26 47 - 

Breton singing first cateory choirs championship : the results

Poster championship 2018

On Sunday, July 5th at 2pm, in church St Thomas of Landerneau, during Kann al Loar Festival, seven choirs have been gathered for the First Category Choirs Championship

Le Championnat de Bretagne des chorales de première catégorie s'est tenu à Landerneau dimanche 15 juillet dans le cadre du Festival Kann al Loar

Champion of Brittany 2018  Mouezh Paotred Breizh  17,54 / 20

MPB champion 2018

Second  Kanerion an Oriant  17,18 / 20

Third  Kanerien sant Meryn  17,03 / 20

Fourth  Kan Awen  16,33 / 20

Fifth Paotred Pagan 15,98 / 20

Sixth Kanerien ar Goëlo  15,86 / 20

Seventh  Hekleo  15,80 / 20

The Creation's trophy goes to Kanerion an Oriant for Kroll an dell Marù, lyrics by Jean-Pierre Calloc'h, music by Evelyne Dodeur 
Hekleo is for the Special Mention of quality of the text of Keid Ma, lyrics in breton by Jean-Pierre Thomin, original lyrics and music by Gilles Vigneault 

Logo Kann al Loar


Results of the third and second category : 

Third catégory, Audition Kanomp ar Vro Sant Brieg, de Saint-Brieuc.

Second category 

Champion second category  Aber al Liger  17,72 / 20  Will be in first category next year

Aber al Liger kampion second category 2018

Second Orvez  17,37 / 20

Third  Kan ar Vro  16,45 / 20

Fourth  Kan Izel Vor  14,80 / 20

Creation's Price goes to Aber al Liger for  Adsavedigezh Breizh (lyrics by Taldir, music by Guy Pouliquen) 

It's now published ! A glossary for the singers

Front page of the glossary
This small pocket-book (size 10x14cm), will easily take place in every choir member's bag, as well as in every choir master's or musician's who would aim at introducing more breton laguage in their group's life. The vocabulary gathered by Alan Hervé and Jean-Pierre Thomin is all about the music, the body, these words being used when warming up of the voices, and a choir's life or the concerts. A very convenient and simple toll is created, and it's specially designed for breton choirs. Two-language book, breton / french.  Price : 9€ + 3€ postal charges. To purchase the book, please load THE PURCHASE ORDER.

Events on schedule in 2018

2018/10/06  Kanañ e Brezhoneg Bro Leon 
In Collège St Joseph of Morlaix
                    Vocal and linguistic training

2018/10/13  Kanañ e Brezhoneg Bro Gwened
                    In Kendalc'h's headquater in Auray
                    Vocal and linguistic training

2018/12/02  37th Breizh a Gan 
                    in Quintin
                    With the Ensemble Choral de Bretagne
                    singing for the first time
                    cantata An Aval hag ar C'haliz



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ill be singing in Cleder (29)
on sunday november 18th 
at 5pm
in St Peter an St Paul's church


will celebrate its 20th birthday
on sunday november 25th
in Ploudaniel's church, at 3.30pm. 
For this amazing concert, they will be joigned by two guests :
choir Anna Vreizh from Nantes and choir 
Kanerien Kergoz from Le Guilvinec