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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

Breizh Choirs Championship 2017

affiche championnat 2017The championship will take place on 3 days this year, and there is already 15 choirs on the program.

First day : saturday may 20th.
Five choirs of Loire-Atlantique have joined up in 3rd catégory "Audition".  The examining board is made of three specialists ( one for the language, one for the music and one for an overall vision) will head to La Baule in order to assess the choirs singing during a common concert, with :
Les Choralines-Korholen (Guérande country)
Kan ar Vro (Nantes)
Anna Vreizh (Nantes)
Aber al Liger (St Nazaire)
Orvez (Orvault)

Second day : sunday may 21st.
The second and third category championship will occure from 2.30pm St Thomas' church of Landerneau,
during Breizh fest, organised with Ti ar Vro and  Kann al Loar
With the following choirs :
Kan Izel Vor (Fouesnant)
Mouez Rosko (Roscoff)
Kanerien ar Goëlo (St Quay Portrieux)
Kanerien Bro Lokorn (Locronan)

Third day : friday july 14th
The first categoru championaship will occure in the Family Hall of Landerneau during Kann al Loar festival.
With the choirs :
Kan Awen (Brest)
Hekleo (Landerneau)
Gwalarn Uhel (Ploudalmézeau)
Mouezh Paotred Breizh (Bretagne)
Paotred Pagan (Plounéour trez)
Mouezh Bro Konk & Kanerien sant Meryn (Concarneau and Plomelin)

A choir may still join up the championship, if it's kean on singing 15mn in breton !
To learn more, please read the rules 2017


Kanomp Breizh rewarded by Bro Gozh Price 2016

remise prix bro gozh Photo : Ouest-France

Jean-Pierre Thomin has received Bro Gozh Price 2016 in the name of Kanomp Breizh, during the 35th Breizh a Gan.
The price has been given to him by Lena Louarn, second-president of Regional Council of Brittany, for Kanomp Breizh, in the name of the breton singing choirs.
This price underlined the importance of the work achieved by the choirs during the course of the last century in favour of our national anthem Bro Gozh Ma Zadou. 
On this occasion, it has been recalled how much this song, shared by Bretons with the Welsh, the Cornish and the Khasi people, is a song of unity of all those who feel breton by the blood, the heart or the circumstances. And it is a song of omening to the world as well.
Kanomp Breizh is very proud to share the price with all its members ! 

A new book for december : Yvonne Breilly-Le Calvez's life

biographie Yvonne BreillyYvonne Breilly-Le Calvez : Brittany, poetry and choirs

This little book recounts the amazing life of a great woman in choral singing world  : Yvonne Breilly-Le Calvez. Throughout the pages, the authors, coordinated by Yvon Trinquet, unwind the thread of Dirinon's young girl's life (29), who always kept in mind the breton hymns sing in her parrish. We follow the life of the schoolteacher, the one of the choir conductor, and we discover her  world of creation, with an imagination fed by breton poetry.  
Bilingual book :  breton / french. Translated by Jean-Pierre Thomin
Publication in december 2016.
Price : 7€ , 9€ after publication. 

To order, please download the subscription form, and send it back, completed and accompanied with your check, to fédération Kanomp Breizh. 

Kanomp Breizh's Calendar 2017

20/05/2017 Choirs of Brittany Championship
3rd category " Audition"
                       Choirs from Loire-Atlantique will be auditioned
                       during their concert in La Baule 

21/05/2017 Choirs of Brittany Championship

                      2nd and 3rd category
                      St Thomas' church, Landerneau
                      During Brittany's celebration

14/07/2017 Choirs of Brittany Championaship
                      1st category
                       Family Hall, Landerneau
                       During Kann al Loar festival

07/10/2017 Kanañ e brezhoneg North
                       Vocal work and breton language
                       Landivisiau 10am - 5pm

14/07/2017 Kanañ e brezhoneg South
                       Vocal work and breton language
                       Auray 10am - 5pm

03/12/2017 36th Breizh a Gan
                      Sainte-Anne d'Auray



will welcome choir from Ile Tudy, Le Choeur de l'Ile
on sunday april 2th, at 5pm
in Plomelin church 
tickets 6€, free -18 years old

concert in Plomelin