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Forom ar Re Yaouank

The Forum of Polyphonic Breton Singing organised by federation Kanomp Breizh occurs every year in the Espace Glenmor of Cahaix, a town in the center of Brittany. It is opened to classes, from elementary school to secondary school and gathers during one day the pupils of the region.

The aim : Give the children the possibility of singing together in a large choir, on a stage with musicians, songs learned at school. Let them taste the pleasure of singing in two or three parts by singing the same song all together.

Dancing during the forum 
In the morning, the choirmasters of Kanomp Breizh in charge of the organisation make two groups out of the pupils, to make each of  them rehearse one part the common song.
At lunchtime, children all have picnic in the countryside around the Espace Glenmor if the weather is nice, or inside, in one of the large reception rooms of the Espace Glenmor.
Then the classes have time to rehearse the songs learnt during the year at school with their own teacher. Afetrwards, the show begins : each class on the stage on its turn. And the final part : all together on the scene with musicians to sing in two or three parts. Often, traditional dancing song are in the program, and in a very natural way the dance takes place on the stage between people taking part in the event…
To end this day, a snack is  given to each pupil, before he goes back to his school-bus.



As organiser of Forom ar Re Yaouank, Kanomp Breizh chooses the common song that is leanrt during the year by the classes taking part in the forum, and is song at the end of the show by the pupils all together.

Kanomp Breizh also provides the scores and the CD to help teachers at work. If a teacher asks for some help, Kanomp Breizh sends him someone to answer his questions and to help him in polyphonic singing. Each teacher during the school year teaches one, two or three songs in Breton language, or in French on a Breton music, in one or two parts to his pupils.

This forum is free for the classes. The pupils just have to bring their picnic. The pedagogical cost is beard by Kanomp Breizh.

After the firts Forom ar Re Yaouank - Forum Jeunes, one of the teachers said to us :
« Mersi deoc'h evit ar forom: kalz a blijadur o deus bet ar vugale ha fier-ruz e oant da vont war al leurenn.
Kavet em eus mat peogwir ne oa ket re hir ar prantadoù labour. Gwelloc'h eo, a soñj din, kaout meur a brantad berr eget ur prantad re hir. Laouen eo bet ma skolidi oc'h eskemm gant skolidi all hag o kanañ asambles ganto. (…)»
« Thanks a lot to you all for this day : the children have benn pleasured and proud to sing on the stage. I have found well the the working goroups where not too long. It's better to have several short working groups thn one too long. My pupils have benn happy to be mixed with other pupils and to sing with them (...)»

                                                                            final forom ar re yaouank - forum jeunes                             

Forom ar Re Yaouank - Forum Jeunes 2010

Next Forom Ar Re Yaouank will occur on the 7th of April 2010, in Espace Glenmor, Carhaix (29). About 300 children from Le prochain Forom ar Re Yaouank aura lieu le vendredi 7 mai 2010. Il rassemblera des enfants du CP au CM2, des collégiens et des lycéens à l'Espace Glenmor de Carhaix.

You're a teacher ? Get more informations to take part in this day at the office of the secretary of Kanomp Breizh : +336 32 29 79 29 or