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Peder Vouezh score book


Peder Vouezh
This score book gathers 40 scores by the composer and choir director several times rewarded by the Creation Trophy at the Brittany choirs Championship. The traditionnal tunes would be sometimes popular songs brought to hits by Alan Stivell, or parts of the show  BALAVEN. As an echo to those danses, you would find pach pi, andro, valses, polkas, and marches. The scores compozed by Jean-Yves Le Ven himself  come from NEVEZADUR. Those creations on poems by Anjela Duval, might be played separalty whithout damage the understanding of the poems. Three songs by Youenn Gwernig complete a programm closed by Sant Kaourintin, patron Kerne.

Price : 27€ + 5€ post charges
To order, please download the purchase order  here.

 Yvonne Breilly's life Yvonne Breilly-Le Calvez, Brittany, poetry and choirs
This small book recounts the amazing life of a great woman in choral singing world. Throughout the pages, the authors, coordinated by Yvon Trinquet, unwind the thread of Dirinon's young girl's life (29), who always kept in mind the breton hymns sung in her parrish. We follow the life of the schoolteacher, the one of the choir conductor, and we discover her  world of creation, with an imagination fed by breton poetry.  

Bilingual book :  breton / french. Translated by Jean-Pierre Thomin, frame 12x17cm, black and white photos. 
Publication in december 2016. 

Price : 9€ + 2€ post charges


 René Abjean's life

René Abjean & Ar Marh Dall
A book on the composer René Abjean's life. Along the course of his interviews, Jean-Marc Kernin tries to  introduce the reader to the ways René Abjean took to create the cantata Ar Marh Dall. 

Bilingual book breton / french, translated by Maguy Kerisit. 
12x17, B&W photos.

8€ + 2€ post 

 CD Ar Marh Dall

 Ar Marh Dall : The unforgettable cantata by René Abjean and Job an Irien
Find here the passionate cantata written in 1978, and which subject is still such a today's subject : against oblivion, let's be proud of our language and our breton culture, and let's be happy to keep them alive. This wok is here sung by the Kanomp Breizh Ensemble, whith 120 singers accompanied by Gwenaël Riou (organ), Françoise Le Visage (harp), Georges Bertholom (guitar), Jean-Pierre Dovilliers (bass guitar), Alain Nizou (tin-whistle), Yann Goasdoué (bagpipe), Ronan Pouliquen, Gilles Troël and Dominig Mahé (bomard). They all are directed by Jean-Marie Airault. The cantata has benn recorded in Pontivy in december 2014.

Also on this CD : the best of Choirs Championship 2014.

15€ + 2,50€ post

Score book

Kanomp Breizh 1 : Songs from Wales, Celtics and Classic tunes in breton for choirs
This score book gathers 81 welsh hymns scores, as well as celtics tunes from Scotland or Ireland whose lyrics have been translated in breton. With a foreword by René Abjean, who as also chosen the scores, this book is an actual sum, a true work tool for chorists, or choir directors interested in breton singing.

25€ + 5€ post

visuel cd A hed an amzer

A-Hed an Amzer, Au Fil du Temps
This compilation gathers songs recorded by choirs members of Kanomp Breizh on the theme of the seasons and the traditionnal feasts in the year.

10€ + 3€ post

visuel an deiz a darzh

An Deiz a Darzh- Les Choeurs Classiques en Breton
The main classic pieces of the european repertoire have inspired breton authors for a long time, especially during the 19th and the 20th centuries. 
Being conscient of the great value of this heritage for people enjoying songs in breton, René Abjean, a breton composer, has gathered them, and asked the Kanomp Breizh choirs if they would like to record some of them. Some of the songs are sacred, some are secular, but all together they constitute a very interesting anthology, on breton poems by Marie Kermarec, Job an Irien, Visant Seité, both of them well-known authors of Brittany. 
You would recognise Beethoven, Haendel, Bach or sibelius, all those airs taking part of our common culture, sound here a little differently in breton language.

10€ + 3€ post

Now : a-hed an amzer + an deiz a darzh = 12€ instead of 20€. Enjoy it !


30th Breizh a Gan : the DVD
Find here the warm concert of december 2011, with 7 choirs, among the bests of Brittany. Kanerien sant Karanteg, Mouezh Paotred Breizh, Kanerion an Oriant, Anna Vreizh, Kanerien sant Meryn, Mouezh Bro Konk, Awel Dreger singing amazing songs of Brittany.

15€ + 3€ post



 Now ! 2CD + 1DVD = 15€ + 7€ post



For your command or to get more informations, ask  +336 32 29 79 29 ou Our CD are also sold during Kanomp Breizh's events (Breizh A Gan, Championship, concerts...)

Kanomp Breizh collaborated also to the anthology : Chants Profanes et Sacrés. Choeurs, Chorales et Maîtrises de Bretagne, by Coop-Breizh.

The little store

3 colors highlighter
 Very usefull for chorists, to help them follow their line one the scores!
With Kanomp Breizh's logo



Pencil - gum
Essential for everybody ! 
White wooden pencil with red gum and logo Kanomp Breizh on it.

pencil gum

Score book Breizh a Gan
Gathering several breton songs : Meulomp Doue, Kan evit ar Peoc'h, Kenavo, Bro Gozh (Brittany's national anthem)
Kendalc'h Editions

Score book

Libretto Kan evit ar Peoc'h 
The whole lyrics of the cantata by René Abjean
Whith the translation from breton to french

libretto kan evit ar peoc'h 

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