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Kanań e brezhoneg

Kanañ e brezhoneg (Singing in breton) is a day of vocal and language training provided to the singers. It occures on an annual basis, in automn, and takes place in two parts :

- In the morning, two workshops to choose from : vocal technique (for men and women), or breton language (links, accentuation,work on lyrics of some songs)
- In the afternoon there would be either a conférence which the theme is related to singing, or traditionnal music, or our traditionnal culture; or there would be a discovery lesson on a new polyphonic song.

Asking price for the day :  20€, special offer for Kanomp Breizh and Kendalc'h members : 10€ 

atelier Helene Kervazo

atelier JC Le Ruyet

Training for choir conductor and head section

The training takes place on five days throughout the year. Days on schedule for 2019 : Saturdays : february 23th, april 27th, june 22th, september 28th and november 23th

The instructors :
Jean-Marie Airault
, conductor of Mouezh Paotred Breizh (this choir has been four times Champion of Brittany), and of the Choir of Brittany
Ieva Gravite, music teacher, will be providing the musical accompagniement as well
A vocal technique teacher will lead the third day of the triaining course
During the two last days, an implementation choir will be part of the training 

The programm
Le but de ces 5 journées est définissable sous 4 axes : The aim of those five days can be defined under four angles : 

• Answer the questions, the expectations of the trainees, being either head sections aiming at getting some improvement, or singers willing to take charge of a section in their choir in order to help the conductor. Understand what each trainee is looking for in this training session, and what the choir is expecting from the people sent to the training session. Help to learn some musical theory or solfege they miss.

• Give the trainees a few basis for conducting choir sections, help them find in themselves what will give them the power to be at the head of a monophonic or polyphonic choir. 

• Provide the trainees with the experience of the instructors to let them discover their inner ressources, and be confident enough to learn how to listen and be listened. 

• Provide the trainees with a vocal technique knowledge so that they will be able to avoid some mistakes possibly damaging for the singers they will be conducting. 



Pedagogical fees

File fees

Total training course

Members of Kanomp Breizh Choirs

 10€ per training day, be 50,00€



People outside Kanomp Breizh

 20€ per training day, be 100,00€



Vocal training

Training course on 3 saturdays : 2018 november 10th, 2019 january 19th and march 30th. From 10.00am to 12.30 and from 2 to 4.30pm.

Workshop leaded by Geneviève MARCHAND
Singing teacher and choir conductor

Aim :
Aknowledge the possibilities of your voice, fill the laks by relying on your strong points. Make yours  the basics of the vocal work, as they are practised in all languages, and use them when interpreting the music scores. The improvement fields are mainly on musicality, vocal power, shades of a melody, and pronunciation. 

Whom for ? : For all audiences

Programm :
- Body stance and body moving, singing towards the public with a happy tonicity that will be felt as a sincere and believable communication. 
- Solve the problem of breathing by finding the natural gesture of "reflex" breathing. 
- Musicality, singing the whole length of the vowels, and how to produce consonants. Delay the final consonants on the following syllable.  
- Emitting sound, and the resonators. Teaching a choir how to sing right. The links between the correctness of the note and the body stance. 
- Read the music scores of the songs and analyse at a first degree. Learn how to annotate the scores in an efficient way.

Fare : 40€ each day. 20€ each day for Kanomp Breizh members

Vocal solfege training

Training course 
One workshop per month from de 10am to 12 and from 2 to 4pm, from january to june 2019.
The days : january 26th, february 10th, march 9th, april 27th, june 15th. 

Number of persons involved : 12 maximum

Workshop leaded by Geneviève MARCHAND
Singing teacher and choir conductor

Whom for ? For all audiences. This workshop is made for the singer willing to find a way to read the music score so that they become a usefull support during the rehearsals and the concerts. 

A different method :
It's neither a traditionnal solfege course that is provided here, far too far from the real needs the the singer, nor a score reading class. The method is based on neurosciences knowledge on the cerebral evolution of a toddler going from learning language and speaking before going into writting. As a young child who expresses himself whithout reading or writting, the chorist knows to sing and repeat about every musical sentences shown to him, even whithout knowing the structure of the rythm or of the melody. This method aims at understanding, analysing what is produced when the singer mimics the conductor during learning sessions, and gradually links what has been produced and the way it's written on the score.  That is the true solfege, as it is allready performed abroad (Canada, Great Britain,Germany, United-States, etc...). 

Le contents :
Learning how to create visual and hearing marks in a musical snetence, and link it with the way it has to be written. Create the body pulse being the basis of the different rythms. 

The aim :
Making sure that the signs wrtitten on paper generate heights and rythms in the inner ear. The written medium read this way will reduce the learining time, help the memory to work better from a rehearsal  to the following one, and allow to secure a more precise and lasting memory of the songs that have to be known by heart. 

The means : 

Everything goes through the singing, mainly with visual and hearing games, played as challenges (carts, dice games, body moving, etc...) as well as drawings, and a vaerity of experiments.

Place : Plœmeur (56)

Fare : 40€ a day, 20€ a day for Kanomp Breizh and Kendalc'h members

Kanań e Brezhoneg 2019

- On saturday november 9th in Plœmeur (56), in Amzer Nevez Centre

The day will be taking place from 10am to 5pm. A cup of tea or coffee will be served from 9.30am
- In the morning : workshop vocal technique ou language
- In the afetnoon : conference

Price : 20€, 10€ for members of Kanomp Breizh and Kendalc'h

Registrate by the federation


How to apply ?

It's very easy !

Please load the registration form, fill it, and send it accompanied with a check to Kanomp Breizh at the following address :

Kanomp Breizh
cz/ Jean-Pierre Thomin
20 allée des Camélias
29800 Landerneau

Kanañ e Brezhoneg 2019

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Registration form for vocal training

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