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Breizh A Gan

Breizh A Gan is the annual festival of singing in breton.
Founded in 1982, this main meeting in the year of the choirs in Brittany moves every year to take place in a different town of the historical Brittany. It always occures the first Sunday of December. It was in Saint-Malo in 2015, in Pontivy in 2014, in Douarnenez in 2013, in Batz-sur-Mer in 2012. It will take place in Plouguerneau this year, on december sunday 4th. 
If only choirs of federation Kanomp Breizh can be a part of it, each one on its turn, but some other choirs may be invited to join them sometimes for a special event. Breizh a Gan is also a great place to create major works from the Breton composers.  This way, in 2007 in the beautiful cathedral of Nantes was created the cantata “An Aval Hag Ar C’haliz” (the apple and the chalice), written by six choirmasters of the federation, on a poem written by Patrick Corlay. It has been interpreted by their six respective choirs. 
Another canatata, Ar Mah Dall (the blind horse) has also benn recreated for Breizh a Gan in 2014 in Pontivy, to celebrate Kanomp Breizh's 10th anniversary, as it had been written by René Abjean, a composer who had benn our federation's first president. Song by 120 singers from 11 choirs members of Kanomp Breizh, with 10 musicians as well, this concert has benn a major moment of our federation's life. 

Breizh a Gan in Treguier



Breizh a Gan 2021

En 2021, the Breizh a Gan will take place in St Corentin cathedral of Quimper, on sunday 5th december, from 3pm.

Concert "Breizh a Gan - Breizh à Chœur" featuring :

In first part, the choirs champion of Brittany
Aber al Liger
Kanerion an Oriant
Mouezh Paotred Breizh

In second part,
Kanerien sant Meryn, directed by Jean-Yves Le Ven, will present large extracts of his work, Nevezadur
L'ensemble choral de Bretagne, directed by Jean-Marie Airault, 

The intermezzi between the choirs will be featuring the duo organ and bombard 
Olivier Struillou - Pascal Rode

For more informations, please contact us :

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