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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation Kanomp Breizh was founded in 2004 by the choir conductors of the choirs members of commission "choirs" of Confederation Kendalc'h. It was born thanks to the confederation, to René Abjean a well-known composer in Brittany, and with the support of Region Brittany.

Kanomp Breizh gathers choirs from the historical Brittany. It aims at promoting Breton  choirs, singing traditionnal as well as today's songs. On the one hand it takes on a role of conservation of the traditional scores, and on the other hand it helps Breton composers in further creation of their works for choirs. It furthers as well the diffusion of Breton songs to a larger public.

A choir just needs to be interested in Breton songs to become a member of federation Kanomp Breizh. Joining us offers to enjoy advantages and  activities provided by Kanomp Beizh : vocal and musical formations for choir members and conductors, taking part in different meetings for choirs and concerts, our newsletter sent to each choir member, free access to our online scores library. Federation Kanomp Breizh also offers its members  propositions of concerts, animations, in order to  let choirs be a stronger part of festivals and cultural events in whole Brittany.

 Federation Kanomp Breizh is a member of the Cultural Council of Brittany, of Gouelioù Breizh, Kevre Breizh, Bro Gozh Comity.

Kanerion an Oriant, a choir of the fédération

Kanomp Breizh is also in charge of :
- The Championship of Choirs 
- The Breizh A Gan, festival of breton singing choirs, main concert of the year that always takes place at the beginning of december in a different place of Brittany. 
- Kanañ e Brezhoneg, a day of training voice and breton language. Open to everyone. Always in october

In 2014, the Kanomp Breizh Choir has benn created in order to sing major breton works for choirs. 

The board

Kanomp Breizh's board is formed by representatives of the choirs (it is the choirs that are elected), by individual members and by two de-facto members : one representing Kendalc'h and one  representing the choir directors. 

Crew 2021 : 

Jean-Pierre Thomin

Hekleo  Président Relations extérieures, représentation dans différentes instances
Jean Gueho Représentant Kenleur  Vice-président  Relations avec Kenleur, Breizh a Gan
Alain Muzellec Mouezh Bro Konk  Secrétaire  Editions
Florent Christien Kan Izel Vor   Secrétaire Adjoint   Commission Championnat, commission Breizh a Gan, chargé de la sécurité et intendance 
Pierre Le Roux  Mouezh Paotred Breizh Trésorier Coordinateur Bro Leon
Jo Lae Kanerien sant Meryn    Commission Breizh a Gan
Jean-Marie Airault Ensemble choral KB   Responsable Commission chef de chœurs
Loïc Rousseau Kanerion an Oriant    
Jean-Yves Le Coz Mouezh Paotred Breizh   Commission Breizh a Gan
Alan Hervé Individuel   Commission Langue
Renée Darlon  Anna Vreizh   Coordinatrice Bro Naoned
Catherine Hamzic Individuelle    Facebook
Nadette Ripoche Aber al Liger    Responsable Boutique et éditions
Marie-Renée Nicolas  Les Choralines-Korholen     
Yvette Lucas Individuelle    Accueil choristes
Roger Connan Individuel   Gestion Ensemble choral
Jean-Pierre Premel Paotred Pagan    
Christian Lemarié Kan ar Vro    

The federation's officials at Cultural Council of Brittany

Cultural Council of Brittany is an advisory assembly attached to Region Brittany Council. Established in 2009 and unique in France, this assembly is set up with 70 members from the whole artistic, cultural and heritage spectrum. Put beside Region Brittany Council, it's refered to for all the questions of cultural idententity of Brittany an its influence. The council may also discuss all the questions within those domains in order to study them and share its recommendations. 

Kanomp Breizh is member of  Region Brittany Council since 2009.
Les mandates of the 70 members have just been renoveled for three years.
Jean-Pierre Thomin has been nominated as holder, and Marie-Renée Nicolas as alternate representative. 
Moreover, Jean-Pierre Thomin has been nominated as president of commission Languages of Brittany and member of Cultural Council's bureau.  


Office :
Armelle Le Guillou
06 32 29 79 29

Website :

Address :
C/o Jean-Pierre Thomin
200 rue de la Petite Palud
29800 Landerneau