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Federation of breton choirs
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Federation of breton choirs

Breizh a Gan 2019

Affiche Breizh a Gan 2019

Un outstanding program for 38th Breizh a Gan taking place in Mesquer on november 17th. 
First part of the concert : 
Les Choralines-Korholen (Guérande Country)
Anna Vreizh (Nantes)
Kan ar Vro (Nantes). Champion second category 2019
Aber al Liger (Loire-Atlantique). Vice-Champion in first category 2019

Second part of the concert :
Mouezh Paotred Breizh, le chœur d'hommes de Bretagne. Champion de Bretagne 2019 

Practicle informations :
Artymès Hall, Mesquer at 3.00pm
14€ on place
12€ on presale
Free - 12 years old

From October 1st :         Tickets on sale at Tourists Office of Mesquer. Booking available on phone 02 40 42 64 37
                                       Tickets on sale on line and 
                                       Booking also available via Kanomp Breizh  06 32 29 79 29 and 

Eostad René Abjean, a gift for all choirs

Eostad René Abjean

 Eostad René Abjean. First book of the tunes he collected and created.

About fourty songs are gathered in this first partitions book. They have been collected, composed or harmonized throughout the life of one of the best known composers and choir director in Brittany, René Abjean. From the traditionnal songs from Wales, to todays breton works, come along in a musician's world, who, during a full life time, has allways been working to expand a list of breton songs for choirs. He has also been working to renew the choirs. This book is a real asset provided to choirs and singers from Brittany to encourage them to go further on their way to sing in breton.  This book will be published in june 2019. 

Public price 27€

To order, please download the voucher and send it filled to Kanomp Breizh with your payment. 





Events on schedule in 2019

19/10/2019  Kanañ e Brezhoneg 
                    A training session on voice
                    and breton language
                    Amzer Nevez Center
                    Plœmeur (56)

17/11/2019  38th Breizh a Gan
    Artymes Hall
                    Mesquer (44)



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Concerts of the choirs members of Kanomp Breizh


and will also be part of the graet concert that will be taking place in 
cathedral of Quimper on Saturday 
September 7th.

Concert of MPB and Mousehole Male Voice Choir


will be singing in church St Louis of Montfort, in Saint-Herblain (44)
on wednesday september 8th at 8.00pm,
with irish male choir Dordán, from Waterford
Free entrance

Poster Anna Vreizh