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Choir of Brittany

Brittany's choir

Kanomp Breizh Choir has benn created in a 2014, on the occasion of  the federation's 10th anniversary. It almost gathers 150 singers from 12 choirs, members of Kanomp Breizh. They all come from Brittany, from Ploudalmézeau to Nantes. 
This choir, directed by Jean-Marie Airault, has been imagined to create or recreate major works of our breton composers. It is accompagnied by an instrumental group accompagné : Gwenaël Riou (organ), Georges Bertholom (guitar), Jean-Pierre Dovilliers ( guitar bass), Françoise Le Visage (harp), Yann Goasdoué (bag-pipe), Alain Nizou (tin-whistle and uileann-pipe), Dominig Mahé, Gilles Troël et Ronan Pouliquen (bombards). 

The first word presented by Kanomp Breizh Choir is cantata Ar Marh Dall, by Job an Irien and René Abjean. It has been played a few times : on décembre 2014 in Pontivy, for Breizh a Gan of the 10th anniversary of our fédération, on july t 2015 in opening of Kann al Loar festival, Landerneau and in preview showing of  Cornwall festival in Quimper. 

Ar Marh Dall cantata : 
Written in 1978, sung for the first time 35 years ago in 1979 for Bleun-Brug Plougastel-Daoulas, this cantata full of strength and lyrical outburst is a wake up call against forgetting our identity, our language and our history. The lyrics bring an amazing sense of being freshly written ( as said by Job an Irien himself after the concert in Pontivy : if I were about to write it again, I wouldn't change a word of it ! ), and the music has kept the entire power of the emotions.   

affiche concert Ar Marh Dall


An Aval hag ar C'haliz, a new cantata 


A new work is in study, the cantata :  An Aval hag ar C'haliz. The lyrics have been written by Patrick Corlay. Eight pictures depict in a very poetic way the times when the ancient religion of the celts  gave way to a new one : Christianism. Britain and Armorica where invaded by this new faith. The audience is dived in the Vth century, between history and mythology. One can notice the echo of the fights, the smell of the incense of the celebrations brought by the wind on the hills... 


Rich of different lyrics, An Aval hag ar C'haliz is also rich of  a different tunes. Written in 2006, the score is the work of seven composers of Kanomp Breizh : Albert Deval, Jean-Marie Airault, Jacques Lestrohan (avec Yuri Falik), Roselyne Dauneau, Yvonne Breilly, Romain Sponagel, and Gérard Le Clerc. The coordination work as well as the harmonizations have been done by René Abjean. 

an aval hag ar c'haliz

KBC next concerts

The choir will be singing : 

- On Sunday, December 2nd 2018, in Quintin, for Breizh a Gan.
The new cantata An Aval hag ar c'haliz will be created on that day. 

- On Saturday, May the 18th 2019 in Vannes

- On Sunday, May 19th 2019, in Oceanis' Hall, Ploemeur. 

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